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Where I live in Australia we have pretty good tap water. I was wondering if I can use tap water to give my python to drink or whether I have to get distilled or purified water. If I can't use tap water would a domestic charcoal water filter make the water usable?



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Myself and most of the people I know use plain tap water to give to their reptiles and they seem to do just fine. :-) Otherwise if you're still concerned, I also know people who put a drop or two of water purifying solution used in freshwater aquariums to their herp's water.

Yeah, what Aurora said. I currently use tap water with a couple of drops of dechlorinater but I'm thinking of buying distilled mountain spring water for him though as apparently the fluride in tap water may have a bad effect on calcium absorption or something? Not sure, but better to be safe then sorry when keeping young growing snakes.
I have heard that distilled water is uber bad for pet (& humans for that matter) but I think that is because of the complete lack of minerals & stuff. I am guessing that distilled mountain spring water still has minerals in it?
Yeah, it still has its minerals, its just had the chlorine, chloramine and fluride and other unnatural additive crap removed.