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Python Paradise

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Spotted Python (Anteresia Maculosa). Photo: Simon Fearn

Welcome to Python Paradise, the LJ Community for those who are interested or adore and keep snakes (especially those from the pythonidae and boidae family).

You can swap stories, art, advice, etc or just generally have fun knowing we enjoy the company of some of the coolest, most under-appreciated animals on the planet.

A few rules on comments and posting - The only thing really forbidden is personal attacks. Not everyone has the same views, opinions, experience, and information that you do. Don't assume that you know everything there is to know about a person or a situation based on one post so try to keep a cool head. This is a community, not a shooting gallery.

Also, do not disallow comments when you post. This is a community, not your soap box.

We like seeing pictures of your snakes and other herps. But at the same time, a number of us use dial-up. And large pictures throw off the formatting of our friends pages. So please, if you're posting a large picture, or if you're posting multiple pictures, use a LJ-cut. This is not a request.