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Well, I was going to just intro myself, but I figured I should probably post some pics of why I joined this particular community.

This is Ozzy, a 1.5 year old Albino Burm that I got as a rescue. When I got him back in Nov '05, he was malnourished, dehydrated and dealing with a very bad shed, as well as being aggressive from having been fed live in his enclosure. He was hissy, grumpy, and took a couple of shots at me the first few times I handled him. (Never connected, though. ;)

Since then, he's turned into a sweet, lovable family member. He's gone from a skinny 5' to a thick, healthy 6' 6" python, and he's no longer hissy & foul-tempered. My son, my nephew, & my 4 nieces all handle him, and he seems to love the attention.

This was shortly after I got him, and the small bottle to the right of my leg was a scale treatment to help him with that nasty shed. At this point, he was still snippish, hissy, and not thrilled with people in general. He especially didn't like the daily rubdowns he was getting, nor the warm-water baths. Keeping him in the tub was especially challenging.

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This was taken in about a month ago, and you can see the increase in size. Now he'll follow us from room to room, which the cats seem to find somewhat disturbing. ;)

They aren't the best quality, I'm still getting used to my new camera, so once I get some better ones, I'll post back with them.
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