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Intergrade Questions...

Hi everyone,

I have a couple of questions about an Intergrade(Diamond x Carpet)python.

1. Should we be giving a 7-month old Intergrade any sort of calcium/phospherous/mineral/vitamin suppliment? If not at this age then in later life? I have read references to feeding Coastal Carpets & Diamond pythons suppliments but nothing specific about Intergrades. Some references I have seen don't mention suppliments at all.

2. Does the above mentioned Intergrade need UV exposure (in the form of a UV "reptile light"?) We get no sun in my flat & have no outdoor area so taking it outside to be exposed to UV is impractical. I have once again read conflicting ideas about it, some stating that UV light is not needed for Carpets but is needed for Diamonds. Being an Intergrade which advice should I follow? There is not much (if any) specific Intergrade python information out there. :(

Thanks for all your help. I really want to do this right.



Ps. Cross-posted to snakecommunity & pythonparadise Sorry if you see it twice.
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